Aayush Dayama- A Content Creator at Peak

Aayush Dayama is a name on the list of great content creators and achievers in India. He is Young talent from the city Jaora, Ratlam district.

Aayush Dayama was born on February 6, 2003, in Jaora, Madhya Pradesh, India. Aayush has a long list of attainments. Meanwhile, he will focus on the main and great ones. Many young people are maintaining their focus on studies and future planning. Aayush has been focusing on growing his skills in creating content and growing his fan following.

Aayush Dayama told us about his journey, He told us about how he got started in this line. He usually used to make memes and make people entertain, while all this keeps him motivated. Aayush took everything on a serious note and kept working hard. Meanwhile, he usually thinks how hard it is to achieve more followers and grow a page without money.

Aayush ignored the idea to grow the page with paid promotions. As paid promotions were not affordable with his pocket. While making content, he kept posting for 4-5 months but didn’t lose interest. He saw that he’s receiving a lot of praising DM for his content. it took 1 year for him to be stable with his page and content reach, he reached a lot of people in a slow moment but he achieved well.

He kept his work up and took the page up to 100k, but on the sad side, he got a shadow ban from Instagram on his page. But he never stopped and kept on working hard to achieve his great numbers.

Meanwhile, revealing the name of the page Aayush Dayama owns is @shinchan_baccha with 315k + Followers. Quite impressive for all of us. Aayush had spent his hard-earned money on his page in the past, and everything paid him back with good deeds. Currently, he is also growing With 4 other pages of him which are a niche of writings and cartoons.

After all, Aayush is also a pharmacist. He’s working as a digital creator on Instagram and other Social Media Platforms, to earn smart.

Aayush told us he is not running after money, but he does all this for name and fame. So that, he could be able to invest his name and fame for those needful people who are struggling in slum areas. He wanted to work and live for poor ones rather than living a lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile, his next achievement would be to work hard and take his page for 1 million followers.

Such a hard-working and successful content creator, our editorial team wishes Aayush a stroke of good luck for his upcoming success and life.

You may follow Aayush Dayama on his Instagram to stay connected to his journey. His handle is @aayush_dayama.

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