A Successful Bangladeshi Entrepreneur – Ali Ahsan Boney

Ali Ahsan Boney. He was born on 27 June 1985.He is a Bangladeshi Politician and Entrepreneur who has been serving as a General Secretary of FARIDPUR ZELA BUS MALIK GROUP since October 2019. Ali Ahsan Boney is the second child of Mr. Md Ahsanul Haque Alam and Mrs. Aleya Haque. Mr. Boney was born and grew up in Faridpur City and moved to Dhaka for higher education in the year 2000.

Ali Ahsan Boney is a distinguished and ingenious Businessman in Bangladesh. Mr. Boney has become one of the most successful Entrepreneur in the country. Having graduated from STAMFORD UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH on Business Administration. After completion of his graduation, he came back to Faridpur and joined the family business A.ALAM GROUP, one of the leading Business domain in Faridpur. A.ALAM GROUP has assumed the leadership role in forging ahead with its operations in the transport and many other diversified sectors.
Ali Ahsan Boney is the Managing Director of A.ALAM GROUP since 2009. Being guided by his father Mr. Boney supervises the Group’s Transport Division having overall responsibilities. Under his leadership, A.ALAM GROUPs sustainability efforts were given outstanding shapes through his unique business concepts and visionary leadership skills. Since he joined his family business, most of the Group’s projects have been success stories this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in the Group’s future.
Ali Ahsan Boney’s mother Mrs. Aleya Haque is a Housewife and father (Late) Mr. Md Ahsanul Haque Alam was a great Politician and Businessman in Faridpur who had a great political career with former Elected President (1998-2000, 2002-2004), and General Secretary (1988-1990, 1990-1992, 1992-1994, 1994-1996, 2008-2010) of FARIDPUR ZELA BUS MALIK GROUP. To join the latest scenario in the field of Politics Mr. Boney also followed his father’s foot step and Elected as General Secretary (2019-2021) of FARIDPUR ZELA BUS MALIK GROUP. His futuristic attitude, determined will and a burning passion made him one of the successful General Secretary of FARIDPUR ZELA BUS MALIK GROUP as like his father. He is an innovative, self-motivated and enterprising business icon who has instrumented his success in the field of diversified business portfolios and politics. The journey to success was not an easy task, but with his ambition, patience, business acumen and vigorous efforts, Mr. Boney won over all the obstacles and emerged as one of the charismatic Political and Business icon of Faridpur. He has set innumerous examples in all his pursuits from which the budding entrepreneurs and politicians of the nation can learn and further contribute to our economy.


Prove himself: Ali Ahsan Boney’s dream is to be in such an organization where he can prove himself and also want to be a good human being as well. He is punctual, loyal, confident and honest. Very hard working and willing to go extra mile to get the task done. His objective is work on what he know well and learn what he need to know. And then if he got an opportunity, will perform as required.


Making a difference: The key reason why Ali Ahsan Boney become Politicians is to make a real difference in the lives of people in his community. As a public representative, it is his duty to look after the needs of local peoples and resolve their problems. He mainly focus on the “human side” of politics, including his passion for helping people, getting satisfaction from making a positive difference in the community and proudly representing his local area in national politics.


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