A Complete Overview On Web Development By Ayush Mauryavanshi

Ayush Mauryavanshi

Web development has become the new blue, as almost everyone around is interested in becoming a web developer. As technology has become the most important and beautiful part of our lives, we begin to ponder what exactly is web development. Many find web development difficult to learn, inaccessible and confusing. 

So, to shed some light on Web-development, Ayush Mauryavanshi the founder of “The Growwers” and “Asia Times Now” has written a book about many aspects of Web Development. 

The book authored by Ayush contains knowledge of web development and content related to web development. If you want to learn different basic markup languages, then you can read this book, which teaches you about basic markup languages like HTML and SVG. Or you can learn the difficult ones like languages CSS or even JavaScript. 

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is an essential language, like other languages CSS or JavaScript. It is just like bones in the human body that provide a basic framework for the body. This book provides Ayush Mauryavanshi helps you learn the language. 

This book also has information about SEO or Search Engine Optimization which helps people to make their website more visible. SEO helps you to bring people to your website and increase your business, also helps increase sales, gives you a better edge over your competitors and makes your business grow. 

This book also gives you a description of the machine and how it works? It is a branch of artificial intelligence and is based on the idea that systems can learn from data and identify patterns and make judgments with the least human exchange. 

The last part of the book contains questions composed by the author, where one can examine how much they have learned from the book. 

Ayush Mauryavanshi, who is the author of this e-book, is a young entrepreneur. He started learning computer languages at the tender age of 15. He started his first company “TheGrowwers” two years back and now it is a common name in the digital marketing industry. His other site is “Asia Times Now” is a news site that has latest news articles on different genres. He started from a small city of Varanasi and now he has touched great heights, a fun fact that he still desires to learn more. Ayush was never interested in the school books and regular curriculum, he was always fascinated by digital marketing and its aspects. 


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