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A Complete Guide to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 6069

Does your QuickBooks program shut down unexpectedly when you try to create or save an invoice in an account and throws QuickBooks error 6069 on your screen? If so, you must be wondering why this happened and how you will fix this error. Don’t worry; we are discussing suitable solutions to fix this error. Follow each one with extreme care. 

Error 6069 can appear anytime while using the QB application, but mainly when trying to create or save an invoice. This error occurs as  DBConnPool::HandleConnectionError errorCode:-6069 with an error message on the screen that reads ‘QuickBooks unrecoverable error – we apologize for the inconvenience.’ To find the possible causes behind this error and solutions, go through this guide till the end. 

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What Causes Unrecoverable Error 6069 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Let’s get familiar with the most common reasons why error QuickBooks Close unexpectedly with Error Code 6069 on your screen

  • A damaged Windows registry might be the reason why QB becomes unresponsive and triggers error 6069
  • Interference of third-party applications with the QuickBooks software can be responsible for QB crashes.
  • QuickBooks software is not downloaded completely, which prevents you from running any operation on the program and shutting it down. 

Here’s How You Can Troubleshoot Error Code 6069 in QuickBooks 

It is necessary to fix these issues we have discussed above to open QuickBooks and run the interrupted operations in the program. Let’s move to the below section for the same: 

Solution 1: Fix the Damaged Windows Registry 

Damaged Windows is the most common reason a program freezes or becomes unresponsive. Here’s how to fix the damaged Windows registry and eliminate error 6069 successfully: 

  • Press the Windows key. 
  • Type ‘Command Prompt’ in the search field and ‘Open’ it.
  • Type ‘Regedit’ where the cursor blinks, and hit ‘Enter.’  
  • The Registry Editor will ask permission to change your computer; click ‘Yes.’
  • Go to the HKLM registry tree, which holds the Windows registry, and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer.   
  • The installer will be highlighted with an entry on the right side: Disable MSI. If the installer’s value differs from 0, right-click on it and edit it as 0, and it will be set as Not Configured. 

Solution 2: Install the QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup Mode

Selective startup or safe mode lets you turn off the Windows applications, interrupting the installation of software. For example, if any antivirus or third-party application interferes with QuickBooks, you can turn it off using safe mode from the background and install the program successfully. 

Before you reinstall the QB program using selective startup, make sure:

  • Your company file’s backup has been created. 
  • Note the license and QB product details.  

You Can Enable Selective Startup Mode Using These Steps: 

  • Press the Windows + R keys together. 
  • Input ‘msconfig’ into the search bar and press ‘Enter.’
  • Select ‘ Selective Startup ‘ from the ‘General’ tab of the displayed window and uncheck ‘Load startup items.’
  • Move to the ‘Service’ tab and check ‘Hide all Microsoft Services.’
  • Select ‘Disable All’ and then click ‘Apply.’
  • Finally, click ‘OK.’ When done, restart your computer and install QB again.

The solutions provided above are all you need to fix QuickBooks error 6069. Still, this guide may not help you fix these issues. If that happens to you, dial +1(855)-738-0359 to connect with the team of technical experts on a direct call.


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