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12 Killer Whiteboard Animation Examples & Script Samples

Many businesses and brands nowadays are becoming low-key regarding visual representations. Astonishingly, the unglamorous approach can also be observed on social media. We have all seen famous apps returning from 3D to 2D icons. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are excellent examples. The same applies when we talk about digital illustrations: graphic designing, videos, animations, etc. Whiteboard animations are increasingly getting popular day by day.

There are solid reasons why this low-key animation video format is winning the hearts of millions. The no. 1 reason is that they’re easy to learn and create in a single go. Even laypersons can become great animators by simply watching YouTube tutorials. But hiring a professional whiteboard animation video maker is vital if you wish to create an inspiring WB video. Nonetheless, you can quickly grasp the skills and mindset you need to make these plainspoken animations yourself. Below are some excellent whiteboard animation examples with compelling script samples:

1. Adobe Sign (Formerly, Echo Sign)

Who doesn’t know Adobe? But if you don’t know about them, please stop using Photoshop. Just kidding, but it’s these guys who made graphic designing easy and inspiring for the masses. In this whiteboard animation video, Adobe edifies customers about their product Adobe Sign in great detail. It’s an excellent animation that teaches users how to use the program without making them skim through lengthy guideline reads.

2. The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

It’s one of the best videos discussing science and motivation signs. It’s a relatively longer whiteboard animation, but one that stirs your critical thinking to a greater extent. This animation is a classical whiteboard video and comes with an award-winning story script.

3. Pad Mapper

This video tells us that finding a new home is like buying groceries. PadMapper.com uses whiteboard animation to explain how searching for the dream home doesn’t have to be restlessly frustrating. The animation is quite funny and whimsical to watch. And also, a classic example of how businesses should introduce themselves to customers.

4. Where Good Ideas Come From-Riverhead Books

One of our favorites, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. In this whiteboard animation video, Steven Johnson discusses his philosophy about good ideas and their origins. This excellent video combines the educational phase and inspiring catalyst to make it persuasively entertaining. It’s a slightly longer video yet highly addictive to keep your eyes glued on the screens.

5. Born to Learn

It’s a great whiteboard animation artwork about our natural learning process. Its high-quality resolution and special effects tell us it’s a combined effort. It’s a masterpiece whiteboard animation video, a medley of animators, storyboard creators, scriptwriters, and producers. Crossing well over 500K views on YouTube proves its popularity.

6. Ultracomm

Following online payment guidelines and payment companies’ instructions might sound bothersome. But thanks to the Ultracomm whiteboard animation that discusses an essential topic in a way we all can understand. Since this subject isn’t an enticing one, Ultracomm has tried its best to keep it informatively entertaining. Also, they are not diving too deep into the topic to the extent that it knocks people out of their conscious minds.

7. Elevations Credit Union

This is a true classic if we speak of those typical whiteboard animation videos that discuss a specific theme/topic/subject matter. Elevations Credit Union did a fantastic job by creating an animation. It talks about rising energy costs and consumption. It’s surprising to see that everyone can relate to this video. It’s an informational video that discourses plenty of knowledge in a brief explainer video in a lighthearted way.

8. DC HomeBuzz

If anyone wants to learn how to promote a business with the perfect whiteboard animation, then learn from these guys. DC HomeBuzz conveys a charismatic brand briefing to folks and families looking to buy the ideal house. This dedicated business whiteboard video demonstrates professionalism, high-resolution images, and a resounding video script.

9. Study.com

As the name suggests, this whiteboard animation video isn’t your typical entertainment or an animator’s drill under a minute. Study.com is a platform that covers a wide range of brand know-how. And this whiteboard animation video does something analogous; it covers the marketing topic thoroughly. This video is highly educational and an excellent example of creating impressive informational videos.

10. BPP Business School

Not your standard whiteboard animation video, but the one that knows how to fine-tune fanciful flairs without hurting the composed lucidity. The BPP Business School whiteboard animation video is exemplary in creating something simple yet strikingly attention-grabbing. So, what else can you ask for? Who knew that even a simple graphic video could enlighten as much as those sophisticated “over-the-top finest” ones? No one, indeed. But then again, BPP has a befitting reply.

11. Kitchen Sink Web Labs

Probably one of the best sweet and short storyboards with an award-winning script. The Kitchen Sink Web Labs have created a perfect Whiteboard animation that orchestrates a visual spectacle in a very short span. The professionals who made this video could convey the brand’s message loud and clear. Not forgetting that this animation flows like a river. Also, it is an excellent sales pitch for entrepreneurs and animation rookies wishing to excel in whiteboard animations

12. Solarcentury

Whiteboard animation videos generally entail a more monochrome look with white a black colors. However, several whiteboard makers pitch a few extra pigments on the characters and transitioning environment. But here’s the Solarcentury animation that incorporates a colorific appeal with a wide range of colors, tones, and contours. Although the whiteboard animation uses extravagant shades, simplicity is still seen throughout the video. Hence, allowing viewers of all ages and educational backgrounds to skim through with a good understanding of the concept.

Last Words

Whiteboards might seem simple to sight, but they’re elegant in the making and perfect eye candies. Unlike the great graphics and animation special effects, the unglamorous modern blackboard-Esque animations are entertaining and enlightening to watch.

We’re confident you enjoyed going through our top 12 whiteboard animation videos and their award-winning storyboards and scripts. But who knows, there might be many better things in the making. We do not guarantee that our ones are the best, but we assure you these have inspired hundreds and thousands of animators.


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